Does your Mailbox need an overhaul?

If you have a similar mailbox that needs repair I have good news for you!

Our new Community Representative, Susan Brown, has a very handy husband, H. T. Brown, who has a company that can completely overhaul your mailbox.  Many do not know that a new mailbox can cost you about $1,000.00 including installation and electrical work.  When I emailed the property manager I did not get a straight answer.  Luckily for me I had copied my email request to Susan when I emailed my request for help to our property manager.

Her husband came on by and told me that he could have the mailbox overhauled for a fraction of what a replacement mailbox would cost.

So, call H.T. Brown at 772-237-4656 or email him at  His website is
His crew did a great job!